Hamas And Likud Meant For Each Other

As Palestinians hide in their homes and Israelis stay in their bomb shelters we could almost be forgiven for thinking that these sorry and terrible events were unforeseeable.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Hamas since taking power in a coup d’etat have slowly built up their military capacity and spent $10,000s on equipping their internal security services.

Across the border Likud presides over a motley coalition of rightwing politicians and those far more interested in lining their pockets than finding peace in the Middle East.

In many respects, Hamas and Likud are meant for each other.

Neither of them really wants to go the extra mile, to recognize the reality of the necessary coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians. Both are prisoners of their own rhetoric and incapable of moving beyond their own limited mindsets.

The current terrible events, where hundreds of rockets and projectiles had deliberately been targeted at Israeli civilians in the past week, was entirely predictable.

Hamas know that they don’t have the military force to defeat the IDF, so allow Islamic Jihad or their own members to let off steam by targeting Israeli civilians. They do it partly to prove their radicalism and stay in power, and knowing how the Israeli government will respond they garner international support as the IDF’s actions kill Palestinian civilians.

It is a convenient and dismal game that Hamas and Likud play. Hamas provokes the Israeli government, who in turn must be seen to be protecting Israeli civilians, even though this and past incursions into Gaza have not actually stop the rockets and missiles.

Hamas and Likud are more concerned with staying in power and short-term goals than any long-term solution to this conflict.

And that is the problem.

Until the leaders are capable and willing to take the bold steps towards final status negotiations then rockets will rain down on Israelis and the IAF will bomb Gaza every few months.

My analysis might seem cynical, but years of watching the respective parties do little but stay in power or enhance their own prestige makes me pessimistic about the future.

As an antidote to my cynicism I recommend readers follow Hussein Ibish on Twitter. He’s smart, clear headed and attacked from both sides, which is not a bad sign!

This is one of his latest columns (written prior to the current conflict), MB and Salafists: the Closest of Frienemies is worth a read.

Ibish’s Hamas Rising? from October 2012 was prescient.

3 thoughts on “Hamas And Likud Meant For Each Other

  1. Stephen 15/11/2012 / 07:12

    You’ve got this one so wrong. On the one hand you have a racist, misogynist, genocidal movement whose aim is to destroy another nation, including the majority of the people who live there. The other party is a moderate right-wing political party which is something akin to the UK’s conservative party.

    Hamas has brought this upon their head and the Israeli government is not only right to respond it is obligated. Hamas has fired 12,000 rockets at Israel in the last 12 years.

    I also think you haven’t understood the consequences of Israel going into Gaza and dealing with the problem- there will be 10’s of thousands of deaths. I actually think its to the credit of the Israeli government that they won’t do this unless its actually necessary.

  2. soupyone 15/11/2012 / 13:47


    I understand this perfectly.

    I have made many of the selfsame arguments that you’ve made.

    I am aware of the nature of Hamas but and this is a large but, if we think this through then it’s obvious that NO military operation will solve the question of the rockets.

    I think it’s completely intolerable that Israelis in the South should have the threat of rockets hanging above their heads.

    It is incredible that they have bomb shelters in the 21st century.

    However, all of these facts do not detract from the obvious, that as with operation cast lead, there is no military action that will terminate the rockets once and for all, these are political sticking plasters to keep the government in power.

    Ultimately only a final status negotiation will do that, and it’s very clearly that the current coalition has no interest, desire or willingness to go down that path.

    So the Israeli government can pile rockets, bombs into Gaza killing innocent Palestinians, it won’t work. And it is wrong.

  3. DrCHan 30/11/2012 / 22:49


    Have you looked into Likud’s Charter? They are just as much opposed to a Palestinian state as Hamas is to the Israeli state. The actions of Likud’s last two leaders proved that they are anything but “moderate”.

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