I Am Glad For Rev. Sizer.

Rev. Stephen Sizer has put out this statement:

“In response to the CCJ Statement, I welcome the news from Surrey police and CPS that, having “carried out a thorough and extensive review of the material in question” they have concluded that “no criminal offences have been committed. The matter has now been closed and no further action is being taken,” a conclusion which will come as no surprise to those who know and work with me.

My support for a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, based on international law and recognised borders, achieved by peaceful and democratic means, has unfortunately left me open to what can only be described as an unbalanced and targeted campaign from certain quarters, a situation which is deeply regrettable.

I care passionately about the safety of the Jewish people. I repudiate racism, anti-Semitism as well as Islamophobia. I would not have posted a link to a website I knew to be anti-Semitic. Having consulted a number of Jewish friends, I now keep a small list of websites to avoid in future. I will be more careful about the origin of material I post on my blog and Facebook, and welcome opportunities for discussion with members of the Jewish community to move forwards in a spirit of mutual respect. “

I am glad that Rev. Sizer has put out this statement.

I am glad that he says he’s going to be more careful in the future, and some might think it would be churlish to asked why he made those mistakes in the past, but let us look to the future.

I hope Rev. Sizer sets an example to others and makes sure not to link to racist or extremist material, directly or indirectly.

I have thought for many years that it is a great pity that the Palestinians’ cause is so often sullied by association with anti-Jewish racism. They deserve much better.

I should point out that criticising the Israeli government, in and of itself, is not racist, as long as dual standards are not applied, historical myths perpetuated or offensive imagery used.

The Israeli government should be open to criticism, as with every government, for their actions, however, it is, how you do it, that is the issue.

When Western supporters of the Palestinians’ cause associate with known racists or push their material they bring it into disrepute, as with Baroness Tonge and the conspiracy theorist, Ken O’Keefe.

Nor should we be naive enough to assume that anti-Jewish racists do not try to exploit grievances in the Middle East to foster hatred against Jews. They do, it is their agenda.

That is what Western supporters of the Palestinians’ cause need to engage with.

Some have belatedly seen the issue and try to repudiate it, which is to be commended, but as the PSC conference showed us there is still a problem.

Let us hope that Rev. Sizer, and like-minded individuals, will remember how racists will exploit any conflict with Israelis. That there is a serious need to become sensitive to anti-Jewish racism. To avoid any, however tenuous, connection to racists, extremists or their material. Finally, that ignorance is no excuse.

I welcome Rev. Sizer’s statement and hope others follow that example.

(H/T: Phil Groom)


Murdoch, Rev. Sizer And Anti-Fascism

Time away from the media, blogosphere and PCs often results in a shock when you have to digest what has happened and what is happening around the world.

I am catching up and in the process looking at Rupert Murdoch’s ugly mug plastered across most news bulletins.

His recent second day at the Leveson Inquiry was amusing for his bumbling, blame shifting and barely convincing mea culpa.

The Guardian has good coverage and comment.

Reading material for Rupert Murdoch.

Ex-News International employees are not too happy with Murdoch’s attempt to shift of blame.

According to one of his fans, Rev. Stephen Sizer will not be doing porridge, although I think a bowl of humility and sensitivity might be more appropriate, but that’s not going to happen.

Racism in Northern Ireland.

Anti-Fascists Online has details of another racist crank who wants to attack Muslims.

According to Hope NOT Hate the EDL leader, Stephen Lennon, is joining up with another bunch of neo-fascists in the British Freedom Party. The BFP is made up of ex-BNP misfits and assorted racist flakes.

Across the pond, 200 threatening and racist phone calls.

In oil news, Turkey is searching for it.

Martin Bright in JC probes an area not often covered, British PoWs in Auschwitz.

The BNP Organiser & The War Criminal.

Racism in Hockey, North America still has many problems.

Finally, in Syria, the ceasefire is not working.

Mel Gibson, The Met Police And Sikhs

Racism is a common theme in many Western societies.

Nowadays it is less conspicuous than it was, but its still around.

Many had thought that the Metropolitan Police had been cured of overt racism, or at least, banished it to the deepest reaches.

Stephen Lawrence’s murder and the subsequent bungling produced many changes in British policing, but there are still problems as Channel 4 reported:

“Exclusive: As a senior Met Police officer says warnings of racism have fallen on “deaf ears”, Channel 4 News reveals 120 race-related cases over the past decade – and only one officer dismissed.

The figures, which were obtained under the Freedom of Information act, come as the Metropolitan Police reveal that nine staff, including one civilian, have been suspended amid allegations of racism.

Ten cases have been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and they include allegations of racist assaults in broad daylight as well as the racist abuse of prisoners behind closed doors.

The statistics come 13 years after the Macpherson Report , launched after the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence, branded the force “institutionally racist”.

Channel 4 News can reveal that between 1999 and 2011:

• 120 police officers at the Metropolitan Police were found guilty of racist behaviour
• Of these, 21 received some kind of sanction, most commonly a fine
• Six were forced to resign
• Just one police officer of the 120 was dismissed “

Doreen Lawrence argues the Met hasn’t changed, and the case of Kester David suggests as much.

The antisemite, Mel Gibson, is in the news again.

BBC One had a rather good programme, The Story of the Turban.

It deals with the Sikh faith and the importance of the Turban, but in passing it shines a light on racism in Britain from the 1970s to the Nineties, which is still very relevant today.

Not A Word About Tibetans, Only Israelis

Some Israelis want to perform a Hebrew version of the Merchant of Venice in Britain.

Not unsurprisingly some members of the English intelligentsia are annoyed.

Some thespians would like to attack the Israeli government, but can’t, so they settle for attacking Israeli actors.

Apparently, the National Theater of Israel is guilty of some crimes in the eyes of these members of the English intelligentsia.

Even the actors’ trade paper, The Stage, puts a negative spin on the matter.

Astute readers will notice, however, an almost deafening silence when it comes to the National Theatre of China.

There’s no talk by English ‘lovies’ of China’s colonisation of Tibet, the invasion some 60 years ago nor of the murderous treatment of Tibetan civilians.

None of that resonates with said hespians, but should some Israelis want to perform a play in Hebrew then all hell breaks loose.

Engage describes the issues.

The Stage’s welcoming article on the collaboration of Scotland and China’s National Theatres in 2010.

I do hope that those genuinely concerned with human rights will inform themselves on China’s rule in Tibet and avoid posturing.

44 Years Ago in Memphis And More

My favourite quote from Dr. King is:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

The full speech is here.

We should not forget that 44 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis. He was only 39.

What we often don’t remember is that he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

Western Supporters Of The Palestinians And Racism: A Dialogue With the Deaf.

[Warning, by necessity this post contains links to racist material as examples. Apologies]

I should have posted this a week ago, but other matters came up.

Whilst composing part of this post in my head, I debated whether or not it should be called a dialogue with the deaf or no good deed goes unpunished.

The reason behind my thinking was, I had noticed that whenever you point out to Western supporters of the Palestinians’ cause that they have linked to, or proffered, a racist web site, then they take offence.

They don’t listen.

And before you have manage to explain why their choice of web site was racist they will invariably retort “Are you calling me an anti-Semite?”, “You just want to close down any criticism with accusations of antisemitism, don’t you?” or something similar.

They don’t even apologise or excuse themselves.

Nevertheless, recently when I pointed out to Jeremy Moodey, one of my occasional readers, that he had linked to a racist web site, I had hoped he would acknowledge his error, apologise and avoid such material in the future.

What wishful thinking on my part.

My exchanges with him proved to be a dialogue with the deaf.

Jeremy was unwilling to acknowledge that his choice of article was racist or that the site contained sizeable racist material.

So, as a public service, I am going to explain why Red Ice Creations is racist.

I shouldn’t have to explain this point, but it is apparent that many Western supporters of the Palestinians’ cause are almost completely oblivious to anti-Jewish racism.

I could explain that the Red Ice Creations pushes the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a truthful document, how it thinks that David Irving has a point. Rants on about the Power of the Rothschilds, how it compares the neo-Nazi, Ernst Zundel, to Galileo and finally spins the tale that, Hitler didn’t want world war.

The site is littered with racist filth, offensive garbage and conspiracy theories that should make any attentive person stop in their tracks.

When you look around you’ll find an article entitled “The Macabre Holocaust Numbers Game” by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

His Wikipedia entry states “Makow has voiced his anti-feminist, anti-semitic, and anti New World Order views in his books.” If there was any doubt on Makow’s views then his post, The Satanist Banker Conspiracy By Henry Makow PhD is enough for any reasoned person to see the problem.

I could explain how it founder, Henrik Palmgren, has some serious issues with Jews.

Or that Palmgren thinks Jews control Holywood:

“Statistically, according to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics roughly 0.19% of the worlds population are Jewish.

In America about 1.7% of the population are Jewish.

So why is it that in almost EVERY movie and TV show that I’ve tried watching over the last few years at least ONE (but usually more) references to this minority is made. Either to the people, the culture or something else. Why?

The jews have after all been thrown out of the majority of European countries in the past. Why is this? Can we attribute this solely to insane, irrational, unfounded anti-semitic hysteria on behalf of the christian Europeans who think that jews killed Jesus (a Jew)?

I don’t think so!”

I suspect astute readers will understand where he’s going with this, but if a site, positively filled with racist and extremist material run by someone who has serious hang-ups against Jews, isn’t enough to raise an eyebrow then what will?

I could explain of all that, but I suspect it wouldn’t register

Still pressing on, the article chosen by Jeremy is one of many similar pieces you find on sites, like Red Ice Creations, it is the soft sneer type, used to pull in readers to the hard core antisemitic filth within.

Essentially, it uses an extract from Louis Theroux On Ultra Zionists to have a go at Jewish dietary laws. It is not concerned with actions against Palestinians or human rights.

It is just about jeering at Jews. Later on in the post it links to an article ranting on about circumcision by J. Steven Svoboda.

So the thrust of Jeremy Moodey’s choice is an article, from a racist web site, which doesn’t talk about human rights or injustices done to Palestinians, instead it focuses on sneering at Jews, dietary laws and circumcision.

And that, Jeremy, is why it is racist.

When you consciously choose to attacked the sincerely held beliefs of an ethnic minority just for sport, as Red Ice Creations does, then you are crossing a red line and conniving with racism.

No, Jeremy, I don’t want to limit your freedom of speech, have as much as you want, only please avoid racist sites and don’t post from them.

It is belittling and offensive, you should know better.