Comments Policy

I welcome comments, I welcome people expressing their views, but before you comment on my blog please read these few words and remember them:

I won’t tolerate racism, Holocaust denial, bigotry, spam, monologues or idiocy.

I expect my commenters to be civil and to advance arguments, not invective.

I want my blog to be a friendly place to exchange ideas so hope readers will understand why I don’t need racists, bigots or misogynists posting here. There is a constant problem on the web of neo-Nazis, the Far Right and other racists polluting reasoned debates.

WordPress’s moderation scheme means that every new commenter’s *first* comment has to be approved, then you can post freely, bearing in mind the above.

I would prefer to have an open and free comments policy without this hassle, but experience has taught me differently. Racists, bigots and fanatics will exploit such arrangements and ruin such interesting discussions. So if you hold such obnoxious views or wish to grind your axe then offski, begone, away with you.

Otherwise, you are most welcome to comment, cajole me or argue your case with passion.


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