Rev. Sizer And The Questions of Veterans Today

In light of Rev. Stephen Sizer linking to an antisemitic site, Calvin Smith has asked some pertinent questions:

“What is Veteran’s Place? Is it properly anti-Semitic or predominantly anti-Israel?”

The quick reply is, yes, Veterans Today (run by Gordon Duff) is most definitively an antisemitic web site.

Nevertheless, I think Calvin Smith and readers deserves a fuller answer.

Veterans Today is a sullenly obsessive site, whose target is Jews, across the world and throughout history.

We can verify the nature of this site by sampling some of its pages. Readers should be warned that the following are specimens of racist material, used to illustrate the character of Veterans Today.

First off, we find articles either praising Adolf Hitler, excusing him or trying to deflect attention from his murderous crimes:

Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude posted by Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel, wife of well known Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, author of “The Hitler We Loved and Why”

If you have any doubt about the sympathies of the author, or Veterans Today, then this article puts them to rest, when he argues:

” On August 30, 1939, in an act of great statesmanship, Hitler again offered to the Poles the Marienwerder proposals,(21) namely retention of the existing 1919 borders, the return of Danzig (97% German), the construction of a 60-mile autobahn and rail link connecting West and East Prussia (from Schoenlanke to Marienwerder) and an exchange of German and Polish populations. On the orders of the international bankers, the British Foreign Secretary, Lord Halifax, strongly advised the Poles NOT to negotiate. This is how and why World War II was started. The ensuing forced war resulted in victory for the international financiers and defeat and slavery for all the people of Europe.

Today the bankers reign supreme. The European Union with its commissars in Brussels and its so called “European” Central Bank headquartered in Frankfurt,(22) increasingly resembles the old Soviet Union. However, with the recent ongoing “sovereign” debt crisis and the collapse of the Euro, the plan for a united Europe anchored in perpetual debt enslavement has received a major setback and has indeed started to disintegrate
Notwithstanding the inability of Adolf Hitler to permanently liberate Europe, it behooves us to appreciate that what he achieved was not done in vain. It is incumbent on us to learn and understand the fundamentals of usury and to spread that knowledge relentlessly, until our material and spiritual liberties have been restored. “

This is not isolated, another vile piece by J.B.Campbell states:

” We now know that the insane Jewish liars are guided in this by a mystical attachment to the number six, as seen with their national symbol, the six-pointed star. Six, or six hundred, or six thousand, or six hundred thousand, or six million Jews must be removed before the messiah returns or Israel reappears or whatever. It’s not important to us, just that this is a magic number to them. And they should be wholly burnt in ovens. Hence, Holocaust (wholly burnt). Read >>> Jewish History and the Scriptual Orgin of the 6 Million Dollar Number “

It goes on in a similar vein. Yuck.

The owner of Veterans Today, Gordon Duff dives straight into Holocaust revisionism:

“Two thousand people in Europe are in prison today for questioning some part, no matter how minor, of the holocaust. The official story of the holocaust is a compendium of testimony of several hundred thousand people as there was little physical evidence left at the end of the war. Some facilities were reconstructed based on testimony, for historical perspective but in general, it is believed that the Germans destroyed all evidence of death camps and mass graves when they learned they were losing the war.

Thousands of those who find this explanation unsatisfactory and had chosen to disagree, some noted historians, some scientists and some simple troublemakers and activists, have been imprisoned. At the trials, holocaust victims claimed that such questioning harmed them irreparably. However, not one holocaust victim has ever spoken up about the endless numbers of phony holocaust victims who besmirch them every day and have for nearly 65 years. Why is that?

One thing the revisionists claim is that almost every story from the holocaust, including notable books and even world famous holocaust survivors are, in actuality, the worst phonies of all. The analogy of the “phony veteran” is applicable here. After each war, endless numbers of those, who for reasons legitimate or not, felt their contribution to the war effort was less than honorable or noteworthy, claim accomplishments they are undeserving of. It is also known that combat veterans are seldom seen on bar stools at service organizations talking about heroic exploits. “

All of this repellent material was found in a cursory search of Veterans Today.

Any thoughtful individual would not have chosen to link to this site without first verifying the source of the material, and as we have seen Veterans Today is full of the most unspeakable antisemitic filth around.

Looking down its “Featured Columnists” is like a mini-Who’s who of bigots, conspiracy theorists and semi-professional Jew haters.

Alan Hart
Allen L Roland
Anthony Hall
Bob Johnson
David Swanson
Debbie Menon
Denise Nichols
Dr. Ingrid R. Zundel
Ed Mattson
Eileen Fleming
Gordon Duff
James Petras
Jim Fetzer
Jim W. Dean
Johnny Punish
Ken O’Keefe
Ken Smith
Kevin Barrett
Khalil Nouri
Kourosh Ziabari
Paul J. Balles
Raja Mujtaba
Robert O’Dowd
Sami Jamil Jadalla
Sherwood Ross
Stephen Lendman
Stewart Ogilby
Stuart Littlewood
Tim King
Tom Valentine
Vojislav Milosevic

So, the fuller reply to Calvin Smith’s question is, yes, Veterans Today is most certainly an antisemitic web site and I have not even mentioned references to David Duke, ex-Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan or 911 conspiracy theories.

It is hardly coincidental that hard antisemitic sites are replete with conspiracy theories, as such notions are central to anti-Jewish racism.

Whilst it’s true to say that, not every conspiracy theorist is an antisemite, every committed antisemite is a conspiracy theorist, as it is integral to their racism.

In my view, no considered or attentive person would use, link to, associate with the Veterans Today site or any of its authors.

If they did, then you must question their judgement, commitment to anti-racism and above all their attitudes towards Jews.

I think Rev. Sizer should truly reflect on this issue and ask himself the questions:

1. What impulse made me use material from the antisemitic site, Veterans Today?
2. Why was I drawn to it?
3. How can I avoid making this mistake once more?


18 thoughts on “Rev. Sizer And The Questions of Veterans Today

  1. Calvin L. Smith 18/03/2012 / 13:55

    SoupyOne, many thanks for this clear article. From what you write it is a shocking site (that reference to Jewish obsession with the number 6, especially in light of 6 million European Jews murdered by the Nazis, was truly hateful).

    You raise some important questions and in my comment posted in response to yours on my blog I have added a link to this page.

  2. soupyone 18/03/2012 / 14:12

    A pleasure, Calvin.

    I think one of the points that you raise is probably closer to the mark.

    It is a question of judgement, how can people employ such naivete when dealing with this material, yet show immense cynicism when arguments come from other sources (who they perceive to be on the other side)?

  3. Phil Groom 19/03/2012 / 09:42

    Legitimate concerns, undoubtedly; but given that Stephen has — as noted by Calvin in a comment on Doug Chaplin’s blog — now removed that link, is it not evident that Stephen has indeed reflected on his posting of that link and taken appropriate remedial action?

    I remain unconvinced that Stephen is an antisemitist: as I have said on my blog, posting a link to something does not imply endorsement of all that lies at the other end of that link. I acknowledge that Stephen writes and works close to the edge; but rather than accuse Stephen of antisemitism, which ultimately gets none of us anywhere, I ask why? What has driven Stephen to write and work as he does?

    When I read Stephen’s work, I hear the cry of a man outraged by the plight of the Palestinians and Israel’s apparently intransigent attitude towards them; and I too have been there, seen it with my own eyes (and no, in stating that, I do not seek to justify Palestine’s rocket and other attacks on Israel: they too are wrong, absolutely, utterly, and must be repudiated just as vehemently).

    This is the situation that needs to be addressed, and seeking to silence Stephen by levelling accusations of antisemitism simply won’t achieve that.

  4. soupyone 19/03/2012 / 10:08

    “is it not evident that Stephen has indeed reflected on his posting of that link and taken appropriate remedial action?”

    No, it is not.

    If he had I would expect him to apologise and write a small post on his reflection.

    Rev. Sizer is not shy about his views so should address these issues directly, as he does with other matters.

    Phil, when you say “but rather than accuse Stephen of antisemitism, which ultimately gets none of us anywhere, “

    Pls, less strawmen arguments, eh?

    I have made it plain that I do not believe he is motivated by antisemitism.

    I think your constant defence of Rev. Sizer is admirable but it does not ask, why did he choose this type of material?

    Or in your view, are we to expect that “the cry of a man outraged by the plight of the Palestinians and Israel’s apparently intransigent attitude towards them” would automatically lead to people posting racist filth?

    I would hope not, but you need to address the issue of, why was this nasty material, once, seen as acceptable?

  5. Phil Groom 19/03/2012 / 10:51

    *sigh* – and you say you find my adversarial attitude difficult…

    Thank you, however, for that clarification of your view of Stephen’s motivation: that’s encouraging. To clarify my own position, since we seem to have the gift of misunderstanding one another off to a fine art: I have no especial interest in defending Stephen, though I admire his work and I share many of his concerns; but where I believe false accusations are being made, I’ll defend him as I would anyone else who I believed was being falsely accused.

    You’ve read my blog (and possibly my comments elsewhere), so you should have gathered by now that my concerns are more over the breakdown in dialogue that has taken place between CCJ — an organisation of which I am otherwise proud to be a member — and Stephen; and the underlying issues that CCJ’s subsequent approach to the matter simply fails to address.

    The notion that outrage at Israel’s maltreatment of the Palestinians might “automatically lead to people posting racist filth” is yours, not mine, and, quite frankly, leaves me baffled. Perhaps you would like to clarify why you believe that I need “to address the issue of, why was this nasty material, once, seen as acceptable?” as I have no perception of any such need.

    Stephen has removed his link to that material (a link that I would have been unaware of had you not made an issue of it). What does carping on about it now achieve?

  6. soupyone 19/03/2012 / 13:32


    I have no problem with adversarial views, I’m rather familiar with the antics of political activists, so it doesn’t trouble me, but I would ***prefer*** not to be when discussing Reverend Sizer.

    I have made my views abundantly clear in exchanges with Jeremy Moodey and at Calvin’s site, which I will state again: I don’t believe that Rev. Sizer views are motivated by antisemitism, however, I am trying to understand why he chooses this material.

    Now, Phil, you’ve made it expressly your point to defend him on these issues and yes I have read your blog.

    However, I find much a surplus of rose tinted glasses and an inability to ask obvious questions.

    You are rightly concerned with the breakdown in dialogue, but surely that is because many of these legitimate questions go unanswered?

    There have been the least three occasions when Rev. Sizer has chosen racist material or material from racist sites, so the question for me is, why does it happen?

    What compels people to choose such material?

    If you truly want a dialogue, might I suggest engaging with those questions and trying to see it from “other” side?

    And please let me say this, I don’t want to be adversarial, I can be, but I would prefer not to be, equally I am mystified by Rev. Sizer’s defenders and their inability to ask certain questions or think more broadly on the subject. Surely you can see how this conveys a negative impression. I don’t believe that is your intention but please try to see the other side. Please.

  7. em0711 03/04/2012 / 16:00

    Let me first state that I too am shocked at some of the writings of those who have columns on As a writer I welcome many platforms from which to write, including, the liberal and conservative press, and through my many appearances as an interviewee on radio and television. Having a voice on any platform allows dialogue between opposing views and it is unfair to label all writers as equal just because articles appear on a liberal, conservative or other politically leaning venue. Juan William, Charles Krauthammer, George Will have their articles appearing on a variety of venues, many with very controversial subjects.

    I resent Rev. Sizer’s notion that all the writers of Veterans Today are bigoted or anti-Semitic. Casting a wide net as he has chosen to do, is 100% ignorance in the broadest sense. Having fought for this country I will defend his right to speak his mind, but he is dead wrong, at least in my instance, that my writings are anywhere close to being bigoted or anti-Semitic…Find one article I have written or one sentence in any of the books I have written that lend any credence to his statement.

    As to the others airing their thoughts at VT, many of my readers, like the Agent Orange Commission and their vast audience as well as several Marine Corp organizations chose to read my articles on, as they prefer a milder agenda for their information.

  8. soupyone 03/04/2012 / 16:21

    “I resent Rev. Sizer’s notion that all the writers of Veterans Today are bigoted or anti-Semitic. “

    Rev. Sizer’s precise view on Veterans Today is unclear, as far as I know he hasn’t commented fully on the matter.

    But the argument isn’t that every writer on Veterans Today is a bigot or an antisemite.

    No, that isn’t the argument.

    Rather that the Veterans Today web site pushes a constant stream of anti-Jewish racism.

    I hope Mr. Mattson that you will engage with that particular point in your future replies.

    PS: I have scanned your pages at VT and will be removing your name tag connected with this post, my apologises.

  9. Phil Groom 24/04/2012 / 19:34

    In case you’ve missed it, Surrey Police have now completed their enquiries into CCJ’s complaint against Stephen and have issued the following statement:

    Surrey detectives carried out a thorough and extensive review of the material in question and following liaison with the Crown Prosecution Service it has been determined that no criminal offences have been committed. The matter has now been closed and no further action is been [sic] taken.

    Now, perhaps, we can have less of the mudslinging and an intelligent discussion of the issues behind Stephen’s perfectly legitimate criticisms of Israel – namely Israel’s continued abuse and suppression of the Palestinians…

  10. soupyone 24/04/2012 / 20:08

    Thanks Phil,

    But what will the excuses be, when he or his supporters, link to another racist or extremists site, in the future?

    Unless, you feel that will *never* happen?

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