Rush Limbaugh And Africa.

Rush Limbaugh is, apparently, very popular in parts of North America.

Now I fully appreciate that he has had his problems, with substance abuse, but his recent comments relating to Africa seemed to take the biscuit, Blake Hounshell illuminates the issues:

“Yesterday, when President Obama announced that the United States would be sending 100 special operations forces to help Uganda battle the Lord’s Resistance Army, a notorious and brutal death cult led by Joseph Kony, a joke went around on Twitter that Michele Bachmann would soon be attacking the president for “targeting Christians.”

Of course, to call the LRA “Christians” is to abase the English language. As the Atlantic’s Graeme Wood put it in a profile of Kony last year, “An American diplomat in Bangui compared the group to the Manson family, but given that the LRA has killed 12,000 people, the comparison is self-evidently unfair to Manson.” “