Tell MAMA on CNN

Racism towards ethnic minorities in Britain is seriously under reported. It rarely receives the coverage that it deserves in the media. So CNN’s short clip on Tell MAMA is most welcome:

To report an incident of anti-Muslim racism contact Tell MAMA via:

  • Phone TELL MAMA on 0800 456 1226
  • Text TELL MAMA on 01157070007
  • Email TELL MAMA at
  • Tweet TELL MAMA @tellmamauk
  • Message TELL MAMA on Facebook at TellMamaUK

After Tonge

The discussions ramble on concerning Jenny Tonge losing the Liberal-Democrat whip in the House of Lords.

On Twitter Tonge’s supporters have been rather vocal, however, have sometimes undermined their case by citing Ken O’Keefe or the racist, Stuart Littlewood.

Some have sought to make Tonge into a victim, that her rights to freedom of speech somehow curtailed.

They have not been.

Tonge is free to shoot off her mouth where and whenever she wants.

In fact, I wish she would, so we can dissect this polite racism and point out the problems with it.

Tonge is still a member of the Lib Dems. They haven’t kicked her out, just remove the whip, which is a minor inconvenience.

There are broader societal issues involved in this type of racism that we should be discussing. We should be examining the use of polite racism in society, conspiratorial language and why otherwise intelligent people are not sensitive to it.

Sunny Hundal at Liberal Conspiracy explains the issues with refreshing clarity, Why Jenny Tonge had to go for her comments on Israel.

Martin Bright’s piece is good, Goodbye Baroness Tonge, it has been a long and troubling ride.

The comments box at the New Statesman are depressing and overflowing with racism, that is despite the NS’s moderator deleting comments.

Elsewhere in the world, Mother Jones covers anti-immigration laws in America, all 164 of them.

The Tablet looks at Julian Assange’s Chutzpah.

CNN provides good but dispiriting coverage of Syria.

In the Middle East, OneVoice Israel launches campaign against illegal outpost. The settlements don’t help peace. They are a thorn in the side of any long term agreement and should be removed.

A debate in the British House of Lords draws out how poorly the Church of England pays its staff, Bishops’ chauffeurs ‘deserve more pay’.

How the Syrian regime is slaughtering defenseless people, Syrian Army Using World’s Biggest Mortar Against Own People.

Finally, Beyond the Headlines is a very worthy endeavour.