Occupy Wall Street And Open Racism

The Occupy Wall Street movement is not a single organisation, however, that does not excuse the presence of plain and simple antisemitism on related Facebook pages.

This is one example:


A cursory glance across their page reveals other little snippets or links to neo-Nazi material:


The bottom part links to the IHR, infamous Holocaust deniers & wandering antisemites, the other leads to Jew Watch, a hard core antisemitic site run by a neo-Nazi.

This is a small sampling. There is probably much, much more racism further down the page.

Their presence on Facebook is attached this site and the OccupyWallSt Twitter account.

Scary, but their main page has 623,988 likes!

Update 1: New posters should read the Comments Policy and re-read!

Update 2: We should not forget that racism comes in many shapes and intensities, so it is with this Occupy Wall Street Facebook page.

These dog whistles of racism often include a photograph or cartoon which conveys a secondary message.

The one below is suggestive that President Obama is subservient to Jews.

That is a common theme found on many neo-Nazi/hardcore antisemitic web sites. Now it is a point that this Occupy Wall Street Facebook page echoes, more racism by the day.

Update 3: There is an almost hourly link which connects to odd bits of antisemitism or makes sweeping generalizations on this Facebook page. I suggest readers and OWS supporters study that page and learn to spot this form of racism along with its motifs.


44 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street And Open Racism

  1. AndyMMT 12/10/2013 / 19:48

    Very loose organisation. You are right though not acceptable and has been passed on.

  2. soupyone 12/10/2013 / 19:53

    Not the first or last example.

    They have no excuse for not removing links to neo-Nazi sites. Unless they approve of them!

  3. AndyMMT 12/10/2013 / 20:33

    Agreed and why i passed it on to who i did and copied you in tweet. I don’t know who is running that account but will try and find out. Not acceptable at all.

  4. soupyone 12/10/2013 / 20:35

    The style of the web site suggests it is run by serious political activists.

  5. AndyMMT 12/10/2013 / 20:54

    Yes i know and they are usually so do not know what is going on there, someone taken eye off the ball maybe. A friend is on the Dallas committee given a heads up as well.
    comments show there is a problem as a few have had a go.

  6. soupyone 12/10/2013 / 21:07

    You keep an eye on it or you don’t. I have heard the full list of excuses:

    “1) how could we know it was racist/they were racists?
    2) we don’t have time to check everything (or anything)
    3) What! Are you are calling us racist? My best friend is…..
    4) We are not neo-Nazis how dare you!
    5) ……..”

    No excuse, they should be aware that neo-Nazi exploit the web, if they don’t shouldn’t have a Facebook page in first place.

  7. AndyMMT 12/10/2013 / 21:22

    Don’t use that one on me you know i agree but something has gone on prob someone they thought legit but isn’t was trying to figure out what is going on and i am NOT excusing it needs to be smacked down. I am trying to find out what the score is.

  8. AndyMMT 12/10/2013 / 22:56

    Seems OWS ppl not in control of that account anymore.

  9. soupyone 13/10/2013 / 09:41

    Come on Andy, I was part jesting.

    I have heard these excuses from Anonymous(“I paraphrase: it is one individual, we have Jewish supporters”) Richard Dawkins (how can I check every link, etc), OL4A (no time to check if they are neofascists), etc

    Excuses for missing, being complicit with racism are varied but somewhat predictable. This is not my first BBQ!

  10. AndyMMT 13/10/2013 / 10:23

    Who is excusing it? Some of the comments on that post hardly do. As an OWS supporter it disgusts me too see it as it makes it look official. I have notified Graeber & some others I know.

  11. soupyone 13/10/2013 / 10:36

    Andy, I appreciate you are against this racism.

    We would not be having this exchange if I thought otherwise, so please read my comments in a sympathetic way (as I do with yours).

    This medium is imperfect for communication it does not convey my sarcasm.

    I am pointing out that I have seen this dozens and dozens of times.

    And whenever it is pointed out, a range of excuses pop-up.

    Therefore, I might be a bit cynical and occasionally sarcastic.

    I hope you appreciate that.

  12. AndyMMT 13/10/2013 / 11:19

    Certainly do appreciate what you are saying Soupy and largely agree about excuses. The lack of any real organisation wrt OWS is a major problem when this sort of thing arises as cranks & racists can attach themselves and need to be rooted out. Need to go through a few posts today and see if it is same person posting the stuff.
    (actually its lack of organisation and any real set goals is its biggest issue but a different convo )

  13. soupyone 13/10/2013 / 11:26

    No, the real problem is not the lack of organisation rather an assumption.

    The assumption is that there is no antisemitism in the 21st-century, therefore no reason to look out for it.

    Further, that error is compounded by the idea that neo-Nazis only run around the streets, not the Internet.

    However, the evidence, which is quite extensive, those against those faulty assumptions.

    In this instance the organisation was organised enough to have a web site and Facebook page then they should be organised to think about racism in its many varieties, and not doing so is their fault.

    They are to blame for not clearing up this racism, not educating themselves on this racism. They are adults they have no one but themselves to blame, unless they believe that racism has ceased to exist? Hmm.

  14. AndyMMT 13/10/2013 / 12:40

    The lack of organisation has been thrashed out on a number of sites. Graeber & Yves Smith of Nakedcapitalism.com are currently at each others throats over occupy strike debt for instance.

    i certainly agree with you over the neo nazi tactics. Unfortunately too many naive ppl about and they need to be informed and you & others do a great job on that front.

    i was pleased to note that comments were calling it for what it was.

    Certainly does need clearing up as that one is not a rogue account (plenty of those about). There is no excuse for it which is why i passed it on…something has gone wrong there but guessing a bit from talking to that friend last night.

  15. soupyone 13/10/2013 / 12:58


    If people feel they have an answer to the economic crisis in the world, which is infinitely complex then it’s not too much to ask that they understand some of the forms of racism connected with Bankers.

    A five-minute study of Google would show anyone literate that there is a plethora of racial motifs spuriously connecting between bankers and Jews.

    The use of “Rothschilds” was a dead giveaway.

    So it is incumbent on activists to know these issues.

    If they are going to fix the world’s ills then the least they could do is know a little bit about racism, how to avoid it and how to spot neo-Nazi/ neo-fascist material.

    That is not too much to ask.

    And please remember I have made this exact point to Western pro Palestinian activists, “anti Zionists”, pro Israeli boycotters, Lefties, liberals, Christian activists, fans of Julian Assange, anarchists, Trotskyists, Leninists, anarchists, Anonymous supporters, “anti-Islamists”, atheists, secularists, academics, Chomskyites, and far too many more to remember.

    There is no excuse.

  16. AndyMMT 13/10/2013 / 16:08

    Yes indeed Rothschild is a real flashing neon sign people really should study a bit of history of the reasons why banking/finance was historically mostly Jewish as those ever so pious Christian’s did not want to “dirty” their hands but that changed a couple hundred years ago. Of course nowadays it is just middle aged white men in suits.
    As to the economic problems being complex well actually they are not, the state of economic literacy is extremely poor and that is a problem, different convo though.

    I agree it is not too much to ask. Find then out it (i didnt follow that account so i was not aware what it has been posting)

    Yes i do know you do school all sorts of left wingers in this…been following you long enough on twitter.

  17. soupyone 13/10/2013 / 17:40

    Thanks Andy,

    I don’t slate people for spite. I really want people to be educated in this area so I don’t have to remind them that neo-Nazi/neofascist material is wrong.

    I would really prefer, really, not to have to remind people on these issues.

    I desire a politics free of this filth. After the lessons of the 1930s we shouldn’t be even deliberating on the merits/de-merits of this muck.

    But until that happens….

  18. AndyMMT 13/10/2013 / 18:24

    Unfortunately this bunch of economically illiterate clowns seem determined to make the same mistakes. Interesting to note that the Nazi vote was declining late 20’s until the chancellor at the time Heinrich Bruning instituted austerity policies.

  19. soupyone 13/10/2013 / 18:32

    My point is that the motifs & imagery of 1930s fascism should be familiar to any literate adult. There are TV channels that cover it everyday/weekly

    Thus ignorance of the existence of fascism or modern neofascism is indefensible. Similarly, we know from all the reports in the papers, etc that the Extreme Right exploit the web for its own purposes.

    In short, if you campaign then you need an antifascist policy & everyone needs to understand it, including OWS.

  20. soupyone 13/10/2013 / 18:33

    I am still awaiting a reply from OWS. Not very good.

  21. AndyMMT 14/10/2013 / 12:14

    Ok that fb site you have links to @occupywallst links to occupywallstreet.org.

    i follow on twitter @occupywallstNYC which links to occupywallstreet.net

    we have 2 ows outfits. Just so happened spotted that occupywallstnyc tweet.

  22. soupyone 14/10/2013 / 12:33

    Indeed Andy, I spotted that when I wrote the post (I believe it might even be three), which is why I said: “related Facebook pages” (meaning not just a single one, as there many OWS FB pages as far as I can see).

    Looking at the format of the web site, it suggests political activists are behind it, etc you might want to look at their whois entry, etc and let me know.

    This lot have 624,516 likes so are not small beans.

  23. AndyMMT 14/10/2013 / 12:57

    Indeed very confusing the occupy directory a bit confusing as well seems to be the nyc linked one.

    NYC gets retweeted via @o_c_c_u_p_y which is a round table for the movement. Ows1 doesnt seem to be in that.
    Have too wait and see what they have to say.

  24. radical archives 10/11/2013 / 18:38

    this post gets it wrong. the OWS1 fb page you are talking about (it is actually: facebook.com/OccupyWallSt1 – note the 1 at the end) has absolutely nothing to do with the actual Occupy infrastructure. it’s true that it has 200k more followers than the real one, which is associated with the Zuccotti park movement (which is (facebook.com/OccupyWallSt – note there is no “1” at the end). the real one has been trying for almost 2 years to force the fake one off (thru a variety of tactics such as contacting facebook and making massed complaints), as it is nothing but a cheap knockoff, rumored to run by antisemites who are based in the middle east, which is designed to give an anti-semitic cast to the movement. for sure there are reactionaries and antisemites who have become involved on Occupy, but your post implies that FB page is an official organ of the movement, when it is exactly the opposite. you should amend this post at the beginning to reflect this.

  25. soupyone 10/11/2013 / 20:13

    Thank you for telling me I’m wrong.

    I would, of course, take it more seriously had you made the slightest effort to read the links I provided in the comment box.

    If you had visited the web site where said group is, then you would see they are based in North America, not the Middle East.

    I could point out other issues, but I already have done that in the comments. Please make an effort, if you wish me to do same.

  26. AndyMMT 10/11/2013 / 20:38

    Seems a fair enough answer to me Soupy although somewhat impolite to a fair query.
    Don’t forget that tweet from an OWS account about a fake.
    Incidentally where someone say’s they are from on the net doesn’t mean they are. My FB account shows Ulan Bator which tbh is not really anywhere near Dartford.
    If you are going to set up a fake you need at least some proper links and the site linked to cant do anything about.
    Considering some of the tactics used against OWS this one minor see Naked Capitalism which is hardly a crank site http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2012/12/banks-deeply-involved-in-fbi-coordinated-suppression-of-terrorist-occupy-wall-street.html

  27. soupyone 10/11/2013 / 20:50


    I try to be polite, I really do.

    But if posters can not be troubled to read with any care of our exchanges, which dealt with these points, then frankly I view that as lazy and impolite to me.

  28. AndyMMT 10/11/2013 / 21:02

    I meant their reply to you Soupy didn’t mean yours. Starting off saying you are wrong, change it in an accusational tone etc is not helpful IMO.

    Must admit did miss the 1 at end when i was looking as damn that’s one of the oldest spoofing tricks in the book.

  29. soupyone 10/11/2013 / 21:25

    Fair enough, Andy 🙂

    I was in two minds to spam their comment.

    If you remember we did check the twitter page against the web site & the Facebook account?

    Who are they ?

    I would welcome clarification from anyone with knowledge. I do appreciate there are many types popping up, which is why I was careful with my words but Radical Archives did not help themselves in this issue.

  30. AndyMMT 10/11/2013 / 22:04

    Who are they? Good question had left it but i think really needs some investigation. My friend on the Dallas committee did say some dodgy accounts about (words were actually some run by Ron Paul supporters).
    That site isn’t on the OWS directory but i think it is a real OWS site…the directory is a bit amateurish tbh and hard to read. This account may be linking to it
    just to appear real. The twitter account expect is theirs but i have not seen it as i follow the other one & cant remember a rt by anyone from it but may not have noticed.
    The story by Radical archives does make sense but i have no in with the Zuccoti park crowd to check(not sure how much you know but that park important as without it’s vague status no demo could started).
    will ask a few more questions through my econ crowd and see if anyone knows as they are all connected to the US left (yes there really is a US left!!).

  31. soupyone 10/11/2013 / 22:17

    Good idea, Andy!

  32. radical archives 11/11/2013 / 01:47

    I will pass this page on people who are part of the digital infrastructure established at Zuccotti Park so they can address this issue directly.

  33. soupyone 11/11/2013 / 13:15

    Radical Archives,

    Do whatever you wish, but please next time have a degree of politeness and self-awareness when you comment here!

  34. AndyMMT 11/11/2013 / 21:22

    Soupy sorry question a bit off subject. Going through your list’s (for curiosity really) in soft on anti semitism you had a tweet by Frances Coppola…I follow Frances and her blog and have never noticed anything like that in fact pretty wonkish stuff really and would be very surprised if she was.

  35. soupyone 11/11/2013 / 22:23


    Don’t remember, I rarely recall what I did 2 weeks ago, let alone months/weeks ago!

    Best scan the TL, there is normally a reason, although I could be mistaken.

  36. AndyMMT 11/11/2013 / 23:04

    Ah ok it was a rt of one of her’s by Mehdi Hasan riddle solved. Haven’t noticed Hasan around econ circles before. Or at least pretty geeky monetary economics.

  37. soupyone 11/11/2013 / 23:18

    Was it? Have you got the link?

  38. soupyone 11/11/2013 / 23:34

    Hmm, not sure. Not a great fan of Mehdi Hasan’s views of Middle East but unlikely to be that.

  39. AndyMMT 11/11/2013 / 23:49

    Definitely in your soft on anti semitism list as that is where I got it from. No matter really just surprised to see her there..soft on monetary policy sometimes though 🙂

  40. soupyone 11/11/2013 / 23:58

    Sure, but varied reasons for putting people on that. I am careful.

    Might have RTed a neo-Nazi or something (then deleted it), who knows?

    Don’t remember, which is why I use the lists to avoid RTing from cranks or those who like cranks. As an aid to my poor memory.

    I could, of course, be completely wrong.

  41. AndyMMT 12/11/2013 / 00:19

    Fair enough. She has had a lot of punch up’s with the goldbug crowd who tend to be cranks (one particular lot i remember in her case who call themselves “freegolders” She debunked their nonsense and they did give her a hard time for a couple of days).
    A lot just rt them for the laughs now…do it myself mockery works well.

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