Jessie Ware And Twitter Antisemitism

I had missed this, but the Indy covers the racism faced by Jessie Ware:

“When a Twitter “troll” sent an anti-Semitic tweet to acclaimed new singer Jessie Ware, he made a huge mistake. The offender has now felt the wrath of an angry Jewish mother, furious that her daughter’s otherwise jubilant weekend was marred by online abuse.

On Sunday, Ware, a south London singer set to become the most successful British Jewish performer since Amy Winehouse, shot into the album chart at number five with her debut Devotion, a collection of electro-tinged soul music.

But her elation was tempered after she was sent an anti-Semitic tweet which contained an ethnic slur about her nose and called employees at the Jewish Chronicle “c***s”.

Ware, 26, who worked as a trainee journalist at the newspaper before launching her music career, tweeted: “Pretty shocked by my first encounter with an anti-Semitic Twitter troll last night. I won’t stand for it.”

Brixton-based Jessie, daughter of the former award-winning Panorama reporter John Ware, credits her mother, Helena, with giving her the confidence to sing. Helena, who tweets under the name @thelionLennie, with the catchline “a Jewish mother speaks”, immediately sprang to her daughter’s defence. “You are revolting and I am reporting you for outright racism,” she replied to the offensive tweeter. “

And at the JC.

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