World Wide Snippets: Women’s Rights, Galloway And Attacking The Disabled.

A slightly delayed round up from a few weeks back.

Lest we forget, Exhibit focuses on scientists’ role in Holocaust.

How did this come about? As HOPE Note Hate comments.

Individual tragedy from the Middle East, the Oasis of Peace’s sad news.

Still no freedom for poorer rural women in South Africa.

The Women of Afghanistan:

“A recent study by Human Rights Watch, which interviewed 58 women and girls in prison, found that half were jailed for acts that any reasonable person would not consider a crime, like running away from abusive situations. People who force women into marriage, often at very young ages, or subject them to violence, are rarely prosecuted, the group said. Female victims get little support from police and judges, and they face the added injustice of being punished for committing “moral crimes,” like “zina” — sexual intercourse between two people not married to each other. Criminalizing zina is contrary to Afghanistan’s international obligations, the group says. “

No means no, lest George Galloway and his supporters forget that.

ADL’s Snapshot of Al Quds Day 2012:

“While the largest Al Quds Day events gen­er­ally take place in the Mid­dle East, protests are also held in cities across the United States. The protests, which took place last Fri­day in a dozen U.S. cities, were rife with extreme lan­guage, includ­ing signs that com­pared Israel’s treat­ment of the Pales­tini­ans to the Holocaust.

In New York, L.A. and Hous­ton, large ban­ners read­ing “Stop Pales­tin­ian Geno­cide” were on dis­play, as well as other signs that read, “Israel is a Can­cer,” “Down with Zion­ism,” Holo­caust in Pales­tine” and “Gaza=Auschwitz.” A woman in New York held a sign that said, “Free Pales­tine! End ZioN­azi Apartheid! No $$ to ‘Israel!’ Boy­cott ‘Israel’.” “

WNN is a superb source of underreported news. Recommended.

Medecins Sans Frontieres does marvellous work across the world, including Syria.

All too often we forget the plight of women in the Sudan:

“The exodus began almost as soon as South Sudan announced its independence in 2011. Refugees sometimes walk for months, surviving on leaves and berries in a desperate attempt to escape continuing violence. But what are they fleeing to? I spoke to a couple of aid workers stationed in Jamam to find out – and their stories were harrowing. “

In Germany, after years of neglect and under policing there is some action.

In light of the growth of the Far Right, the Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism‘s work is all a more pertinent. They are on Twitter as well. Use Google’s Chrome to translate if you don’t speak Swedish.

Surprised and appalled by George Galloway? You shouldn’t be, that’s what he’s like:

“However while Mr Galloway’s latest remarks undoubtedly stink, his previous record is no less pestiferous. Is it really such a shock to discover that a man who once embraced the leader of Hamas has a lousy attitude towards women? One would have thought the two positions complimented each other excellently. While I still experience feelings of outrage related to Mr Galloway, that outrage pre-dates this week and is nowadays reserved mainly for those who keep up the pretence that Mr Galloway is some sort of radical.

If anything, the longevity of George Galloway goes to show that you can believe in practically anything on the political left these days so long as you profess a dislike for the United States of America and Israel. It is often said that the political left is too idealistic. That individuals like George Galloway are still in the ranks is testament to the contrary. A good deal more idealism would be very welcome at this point.”

Critics say the BBC is too Left-Wing, hardly, as a statue to him is turned down.

Topical or what? The F Word’s, Oppression olympics: the privilege paradox? is still relevant today:

“Actually arguing for full equality for all with no marginalised group excluded as unworthy compared to the rest feels risky when Conservative ideas about human nature are so ingrained in society. It seems that the idea of no-one being oppressed is actually quite frightening to contemplate because we all arguably benefit when others are viewed unfavourably. It’s hard to imagine a world where this doesn’t happen so it seems every social justice movement is at risk of rejecting the seriousness of other oppressions in order to take care of its own interests and gain the approval of those with the most privilege. But what will happen if all groups insist on doing this? Is this a competition where each group has to go all out to prove their worth by showing their ability to oppress or be seen in a more positive light than “others”? “

Paid to join Assad’s gang? Galloway only getting £80,000!

Another sneering piece from RT, offensive or what?

The lack of web in the US.

Indonesian and West Papua.

I wish all countries would make this effort, Israeli Schools confront hate.

Who can forget GW Bush? Seemingly most of the GOP wanted to.

John Pring’s On the Paralympics, DLAs, and PIPs is thoughtful and pertinent.

Needed now more than ever is the Disability News Service.

Racist attack on CNN’s Camerawoman at Republican Convention

The BBC profile on Assad’s inner circle is useful.

The Nonaligned Movement and Ban Ki-moon’s surprisingly sharp criticism of Syria.

Norm looks at Chomsky’s conservative attitudes.

Boozer of the people? POTUS’s beer.

In the catagory of, oh really??

From socialist to Klan leader? The tale of DC Stephenson, the rapist:

“In reality, Stephenson was born in 1891 in Houston, Texas, the son of a sharecropper. The family moved to Maysville, Oklahoma, where he attended school in a Methodist Church. He was an avid reader, especially interested in politics and history, and graduated from the eighth grade at age 16. That was the end of his formal education. He got a job with a Socialist newspaper and studied the party’s leaders, particularly Oscar Ameringer, who would go on to advocate for African-American enfranchisement and help elect an anti-Klan governor. Stephenson admired Ameringer’s style, the way he sold his politics as if he were a vaudeville pitchman, and he would later implement the Socialist’s techniques at rallies for the Klan. “

Going Green? Boycott this?

In Britain, the Tories continue to attack the disabled.

A view of the DWP protests.

Not dog friendly? Turned away at the Paralympics’ opening ceremony.

Mitt Romney’s callous advice to flood victims.

Finally, London Feminists look at politicians and rape.


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