What Will Ecuador Do With Julian Assange?

There is plenty of activity around the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Whilst I am not privy to what the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa will do, but recent events suggest that he will grant asylum to Julian Assange.

By that I am not just talking about the undisclosed official’s comments as reported in the Guardian, but there is a wider dimension to this dispute.

Elsewhere, David Allen Green and others have covered the legal issues, but in Britain most seem to be missing the point.

Ecuador is a smallish country, bordered by larger neighbours Colombia and Peru. It has been the playground of foreign interference for hundreds of years.

Philip Agee in the 1970s documented how the CIA caused chaos in the country merely to overthrow a government they disliked.

The British government’s clumsy attempts to strong arm the Ecuadorians won’t work and will be counterproductive.

Like much of Latin America, Ecuador is in the shadow of its larger neighbours and feels it. Old imperial powers, like Britain, can’t understand that sense of insecurity and annoyance.

The Ecuadorians are a proud people and threats won’t work. I suspect they will have the opposite effect. President Correa may well take pleasure at thumbing his nose at Britain, plus supporting Assange would bring a degree of prestige to Ecuador.

My bet is that Julian Assange will be granted asylum, but we’ll find out in the next hour or two.

Update 1: The Gaurdian’s coverage is good.

2 thoughts on “What Will Ecuador Do With Julian Assange?

  1. soupyone 19/08/2012 / 13:00

    Thanks, but its not all my own work. There’s more to come!

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