EDL In The News

The English Defence League are a pile of thick neofascist thugs, that should be plain enough to anyone with the intelligence to read a newspaper:

“MEMBERS of a race hate ‘mob’ have admitted taking part in a violent showdown with Asian rivals in an East Lancashire town.

Supporters of the English Defence League descended on Brierfield last July and were involved in a series of flashpoints with locals.

And 12, including a man previously convicted of causing a serious brain injury to a pubgoer, have now confessed to their roles in the public disorder.

Earlier that day an EDL ‘flash mob’ had also surrounded the Simonstone home of north-west Euro MP Sajjad Karim, with his wife and children trapped inside, police said.

The Conservative MEP said his family, wife Zahida and their two young children Bilal, and Rabia, were left terrified as the mob assembled outside.

Later a 25-strong contingent became involved in a series of incidents in the Colne Road area of Brierfield, police said.”


One thought on “EDL In The News

  1. s4r4hbrown 13/05/2012 / 06:05

    Soupy One – that’s an awful story. I’d already seen something about it on Islamophobia Watch. Incidentally – I don’t like IW (although I read it because it does contain some useful info) but I do quite like Loonwatch. At least I think I do – I’ve only recently discovered it so haven’t quite got its measure yet. I know this is a bit off topic, but I would be interested to hear your views of the two sites.

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