Duke University

This article deserves more coverage:

“DURHAM, N.C. — A group of about two dozen Duke University students urged administrators Tuesday to create a better climate and provide more financial support for black students, saying they’ve been disappointed so far in how top officials have reacted to their viewpoints.

The students, almost all of whom were black, unsuccessfully sought a meeting with university President Richard Brodhead at his campus office in hopes of explaining a document they describe as a call to action for the prestigious, private southern school.

Concerns range from the future location of a black culture center to the lack of support for a black student group’s annual event and a recent study that suggested African-American students switched to less-difficult majors. “

One thought on “Duke University

  1. R. B. Parrish 08/02/2012 / 01:08

    Duke President Brodhead met with Black student leaders; their take:

    The President “seemed calculated,” and this was “typical” of his relationships with members of the university community. “Polite, very polite, but substance, none at all.”

    “He is not genuine in a way that is productive.”

    “He was just going through a formality.”

    [She] identified Brodhead “as one of these people who talks a lot, but says nothing.” She added, “he did not recognize the problem, he resisted it.”

    This is not surprising, considering the way Brodhead handled the earlier lacrosse accusations. An early email sent to colleagues during that case suggests his
    concerns started and stopped with how Duke’s PR would fare:

    “Friends: a difficult question is, how can we support our
    lacrosse players at a devastatingly hard time without
    seeming to lend aid and comfort to their version of the
    story? We can’t do anything to side with them, or even,
    if they are exonerated, to imply that they behaved with
    honor. The central admin can’t nor can Athletics.”


    “I have been careful not to say that I am confident the
    players are innocent . . .”

    IOW, throw the students under the bus, innocent or not…

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