Twitter As News

I can’t claim any originality on these links or snippets, but I find Twitter invaluable for providing a different selection of news on events around the world.

Syria, an Arab league monitor resigned in disgust after witnessing Syrian government snipers killing civilians and children.

BBC 4 had a good programme on Mohammed Ali.

The deluded and racist thinking behind Ron Paul is laid bare at The New Republic.

Who’s who around SOPA by the Washington Post.

Jonathan Steele at the Guardian doesn’t seem to understand opinion polls, particularly in Syria. For once the comments at CiF are very sharp and expose his faulty reasoning, in particular I liked this:

“The Arab League has been reduced back to the talking shop of dictatorships it has always been.

The elevation of it to some sort of humanitarian council by the Western powers cynically seizing on it’s dislike of Gaddafi, has put ideas in its head that it is the Arabian purveyor of freedom and morality.

The Syrian situation has only encouraged the Western media to once, albeit slowly, again highlight its rank hypocrisy.”

The Turner artist and his EDL loving friend.

Tanya Gold on sick humour at the LSE and antisemitism in Britain.

On a sadly related theme, the PCAAF has some informative material.

More on the LSE and racism.

Finally, Muhammad Ali Through The Years.


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