Palestine Solidarity Campaign Replies

Over at the New Statesman, the PSC replies to Rob Marchant’s critical article.

Hugh Lunning argues:

“This doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is committed to equality, and actively opposes racism and anti-Semitism, because they are fundamentally wrong — this reflects who we are, what we believe in, where we come from.”

Yet Mr. Lunning fails to deal with the specifics of over 10 PSC branches linking to racism, clear anti-Jewish racist material,

Engage provide details of the PSC’s problems with racism in their post, Evidence is emerging that the PSC tolerates antisemitism:

“Follow the links. Make a judgment about whether and why and how the Palestine Solidarity Campaign tolerates antisemitism. Debates on defining antisemitism should begin with a detailed look at the phenomenon being defined.

UPDATE: More from Norwich PSC

Leicester PSC

York and Leeds PSC

Norwich PSC

Norwich PSC

Norwich PSC

Norwich PSC

Liverpool PSC

West Midlands PSC

Scottish PSC

Bristol PSC

Reading PSC

Camden PSC

Waltham Forest PSC

Waltham Forest PSC

PSC backed Gilad Atzmon

PSC hosted repeater of blood libel

Again, all the fine words in the world from Mr. Lunning will not make the facts vanish. He has not address why ten plus branches of the PSC deliberately spread anti-Jewish racism.

One thought on “Palestine Solidarity Campaign Replies

  1. rob 21/09/2012 / 18:07

    Thank you!!
    Atzmon is a racist and is just shows you how far anti-semitism has burrowed i that so many people don’t see it

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