Pew Research: Where Do You Fit?

I am grateful to Peter for pointing me towards the Political Party Quiz by Pew Research.

I came out on the Left, but I suspect most non-Fox News viewers and thinking people would:

Please try it and tell me where on the Pew scale you are.

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  1. I wondered why they didn’t include more relevant ones such as:

    1. Do you believing witches and werewolves?
    2. Are you aware that the Earth is flat?
    3. Do you burn books? If not, why not?
    4. Isn’t electricity just magic?

  2. Also on the far left – although, actually, I’m not! They didn’t include any foreign policy issues, which might have pulled me a bit to the right.

  3. I think most of my readers would end up there (or at least I’d hope so), but the questions are silly, whatever next:
    31. Do you keep a gun under your pillow? If not, why not
    32. Which is important? Your NRA subscription or food?
    33. Don’t you consider that Ronnie Reagan was a wish-washy liberal most of the time? :)

  4. Argaman – no, nor me – and like you I would have been pulled to the right by more questions on foreign policy.

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